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Let Go of that Toxic Relationship! Get out! Just drop the fear and go!....

Relationships are NOT easy! I hope this little blog helps YOU to realize that fear can truly create so much negativity and ruin greatness, happiness and trust! (Just let your heart feel the love!) Embrace it! Love can set you free if you let it!

There are many things that I have learned through my own experiences throughout the years and the most recent "lesson" that I have learned is to release the "FEAR" and let go!

In order to truly be happy, we must truly be ourselves, without fear of judgment or that heaven forbid someone will disagree with our opinions. We are all here to learn to live and enjoy life but along the way we have to deal with disappointment and frustration that life just throws at us, whether it's self-created or something thrown at us by others. It is what it is and we have to learn to deal with all the emotions that God gave us and express freely without fear of judgment.

Fear causes so much stress... we fear losing someone we love because of past experiences and hurt caused by bad relationships or our very own poor choices. Dealing with fear is one of the most difficult burdens we have because it can truly be debilitating, sabotage good relationships and suppress who we truly are or who we're truly meant to be.

Ever felt like you didn't belong? Ever felt like you wanted to tuck your head and run? Ever felt ashamed because you're just not like everyone else? Ever felt betrayed or let down by others or even yourself? Surely... we all have, right? This is what fear does:

Here are some simple steps that may help you to overcome some of YOUR fears and learn to be more productive, happy and full of love, life and laughter!

Let go of the past

Do NOT hold others responsible for what you have allowed someone else to do you. You are accountable for that hurt, you must own it and get past it. Heal from it but do not blame or punish someone else.

Live in the NOW... Look in the mirror and see WHO YOU really are, figure out what makes you happy and just DO IT!

Don't be so agreeable, if you don't like something, say so. I promise you... it will make your life much easier and you'll find that you'll be right back out there living life and enjoying yourself and doing things that YOU like to do!

Don't make excuses for not being able to let go, find a way to let go and just go for it!

Don't expect someone else to make YOU happy! You are responsible for your own happiness and when you're happy, it's contagious... you'll find that others around you are happy also.

Relax, remember that just because you've been hurt in the past, overlooked, beaten down, talked about or ridiculed -- doesn't mean that it's going to continue. Take control and just relax and live in the moment. (Stay away from people, places or things that bring you down or cause fear).

Write down what you're afraid of and remind yourself that you're in control.

Don't put yourself in the same situation again and expect it to turn out differently.

Get out of a bad relationship that continues to cause you grief and frustration or pain.

Choose your friends carefully

Take time out each day to do something that YOU enjoy... eventually you'll catch yourself laughing and doing more things that bring you joy.

Remember if you think it's going to be bad... it probably will not be as bad as you think. Don't FEAR something or someone new. Experience new things and learn to overcome what made you fearful in the first place.

LAUGH at yourself. Learn to just let go and laugh!

Stop talking about the negative and start LIVING the positive!


May you let go of the fear from your past and learn to live in the now, freely and abundantly!

Love and Light, Lisa Dianne

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