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"Fearlessly Entering the New Year with Passion!"

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Yes... I said, "fearlessly", and I said "passion"!

It can often be stressful beginning new things and ending others. I know at times we may feel we didn't get to finish what we were doing and time ran out or we simply just got stuck in a strange and cumbersome limbo.

You aren't alone! Many of us go through that - To be fair, most of us go through that. The difference is how we choose to maneuver through that limbo. So hopefully this blog will help you find the tools and inner strength to GET UP and Aspire to Inspire!

As we sit and drink our morning coffee, thinking about all we need to get done, take care of or find a solution for -- We must consider that we need time for ourselves as well. How though, are we supposed to do that in the midst of all the "to do's? I mean, who in the world ever said WE had to do it all, TODAY? Nobody! Regardless, we get up, stuff our faces with a quick bite to eat and run out the door, in fear of letting someone else down! Phew... Does that sound familiar?

I said the same thing as I was preparing to write this blog!!! NO MORE!!!

Once this year started, I made a promise to myself! I AM going to take time for me, I AM going to prioritize myself. I AM, going to finally choose myself, even through all the chaos!

It's important to remember who you are, no matter your situation. No Matter how hard things are or how repetitive it may be -- YOU CAN CHANGE IT! All you have to do is focus on your dreams and your desires, without abandon and stop thinking and focusing on what you don't have or don't want!

What do you want? What do you need? What's in your way? How do you intend to achieve what you want? Well, most of the time the biggest thing standing in the middle of what we want is fear! Yea, I said it... FEAR!

It's time we started putting FAITH over Fear and I intend on doing that this year. I AM fearlessly entering this new year with passion, ambition, conviction and I am making a promise to myself that I will accomplish my dreams without abandon because I know better than to depend on anyone to do that for me. I will get back out of this year what I put into it, so I am going to apply myself, focus and RISE above all my challenges!

Here are some suggestions on how to Enter the New Year with Passion:

(Faith over Fear)

  • Focus on the positive!!

  • Ask others to respect your time and space!

  • Invest in yourself!

  • Tell the truth, even if it's hard!

  • Handle challenges with courage and grace.

  • Organize your private space.

  • Value the people who love you!

  • Encourage others to be kind!

  • Resolve to make today count!

  • Find new challenges!

  • Engage in happy conversations!

  • Aspire to inspire!

  • Radiate love and happiness!

I am making a difference each and every day! If I continue to focus on what I want, I will have it. I am going to realize my dreams and desires because I can. I will live for today because I know that I can't change yesterday and tomorrow isn't here yet, so the choices I make TODAY will help me to realize my dreams for tomorrow!

Yea... I got this!

~ Lisa Dianne ~

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